View Full Version : Dnp3 proccess gateway with classes

26th October 2017, 01:13
Dear support,
with zenon 7.5 or 7.6 can we define class for each variabel using dnp3 proccess gateway.dose it support defining different calsses for different variables?

27th October 2017, 14:42
Dear yazan,<br><br>With the DNP3 process Gateway in 7.50 or 7.60, unfortunately it is currently not possible to influence the Event that will be used for variables.&nbsp;<br><br>For the next release there will be a completely new AccessDNP3_SG process Gateway. <br>Here, it is possible to assign individual variables or groups of variables to "no class", "class 0" (Events disabled) "class one", "class two" or "class three". A user has full flexiblity. The DNP3 outstation in the new AccessDNP3_SG process gateway optionally also supports the function "assign class" allowing a DNP3 master to reconfigure event class assignment.&nbsp;<br><br>Apart from this, the new AccessDNP3_SG DNP3 outstation in the process gateway supports many new object groups and features like file transfer.&nbsp;<br><br>If you want to try out the new DNP3 process Gateway, contact your local COPA-DATA representative to see if you can get access to the private preview.<br><br>Best regards,<br>Mark<br>