View Full Version : Multiple Monitors On Web Client

7th May 2017, 12:28
Hi,<br><br>I have a two monitor project (3840 x 2160 in total) Side by side. When I open up the web client I can see the left hand screen but no right hand screen and no scroll bars.<br><br>Thanks

8th May 2017, 09:55
Hi,<br><br>did you configure a specific screen resolution for the web client?<br><br>You can modify the zenon6.ini of the Web Client machine with a specific screen profile (Check in the Online Help: Monitor Administration). Also note that the Web Client uses the given ActiveX-Control size when the web client is started when ZOOM is activated in the global_vars.js.<br><br>Please also pay attention that the setting "Do not adapt element to screen resolution" must be checked on the given screens, if you use a screen profile.