View Full Version : Sicam 230 web Client - InitInstance Error

8th November 2016, 14:15
Trying to use the Sicam 230 web Client (6.22 SP1) and when connecting I get an error InitInstance(): An Attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end.  We are getting this on a machine that was running IE11 but has since been downgraded to IE10.  Does anyone have any suggestions, any help would be most welcome.

8th November 2016, 14:27
Hi arrols,<br><br>do you have access to our checklists on our COPA-DATA Homepage? Cause' you can find there a really good checklist about webclient with lots of input.<br>Search in the Knowledge Base area for the Article-ID: 291589.<br><br>All the best<br>Xandi

10th November 2016, 10:11
Thanks but this has not helped, does anyone else have any suggestions at all?

10th November 2016, 11:17
Did you already tried to delete the cache from the IE? - Would be also a point on the checklist.<br><br>Beside this I wanted to ask since when the problem appears? Since the downgrade to IE10? Was the runtime ever running before without problems on IE10?<br><br>It looks like there is somehow a corrupt file. <br><br><br>Cheers<br><br>