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10th August 2016, 09:50
I work for a Service Utility with a domain network. We use Zenon and a lot of user in our domain does have Zenon WebClient installed. Ocassionally we have to upgrade build of you products, but there is a problem: we have 9 sites over our city and we can't reach every sites to update every pc that uses zenon webclient every update.
With our IT departement we can deploy silently and with administrative privileges the any msi packages, so we are looking for a Zenon webclient msi package or at least the possibility to launch an unistall procedure of the old ZenonWebClient and the installation of the new version via cmd in silent mode with no interaction. Is it possible?
Thank you in advice

5th October 2016, 15:14
Hello Luca,

The Web Client consists of multiple installation packages, that are combined in an InstallShield Suite.

It is possible to uninstall, silently, an existing Web Client installation from the command line. To do this, first the exact GUID of the existing installation needs to be determined.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{BD0F4FD8-9064-4774-99BC-3823724174E2}\WebClient.exe" /remove /silent

Note, that while the execution completes relatively fast, the actual uninstall action continues in the background.

After the uninstall completes you can start the setup again from a command line with administrator rights by calling WebClient.exe /silent

In case you want a log file, you can use WebClient.exe /silent /debuglog"c:\temp\webclient.log"

Best regards,

6th December 2017, 10:12
Hello Mark,<br>It a long time since our last contacts. I've almost done the package for distributing Zenon WebClient. I've got no problem on x86 System, but in x64 there are some problems. The installer doesn't work correctly and I've got the log (I attach it to the post). Can you please take a look at that and give me some suggestion about the error?<br>Thanks and best regards<br>Luca