View Full Version : Could not re-start zenon after reboot.

25th July 2016, 07:24
Dear Sir,

Using a zenon 6.51.

3 days ago, after reboot, have not re-start a zenon .

plz find attached file - log.

25th July 2016, 07:27
sorry, forgot it.

plz find enclosed file.


25th July 2016, 07:36
Hi Gyu,

Please also try contacting your local COPA-DATA support representative.

One thing that can be seen from the log is, that the driver cannot send data to the runtime. This is most likely a following error caused by the runtime not responding or not starting properly.

By the way, this is version 6.50 SP0 build 6401 and not version 6.51. Please review and consider the zenon product lifecycle, to make sure that the version you are using remains supported!

What was the reason that the system was rebooted? Has anything been changed prior to the reboot?

You could also try and rename the runtime data folder (normally a sub folder of the runtime folder, named like the PC name) and see if the runtime will then start.

Best regards,