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15th May 2016, 13:39
Hello Support,

In one f our projects we have integration with one system using process gateway with DNP 3, integrated system is reading data from our zenon process gateway, but the problem that there is no time stamping for data is showing in there system, DNP protocol is supporting time stamping, what could be the problem ??!!

Thanks in advance for your support

15th May 2016, 13:46
I forgot to add that we are using zenon 7.2 version

16th May 2016, 21:14
Hi Yara,

The DNP3 process gateway generally does support event object groups with variations that include timestamps.

In the configuration of the process gateway, the variation for each supported object group can be set.

One reason could therefore be that the process gateway is configured to use variations for event objects that don't include a timestamp.

The variation settings for the event object groups define which variation of an event object is returned in a class 123 poll when there are events to report.

If however the master is not sending cyclical class 123 polls but is sending read requests for specific event object groups, the master could also request a variation that does not include a timestamp.

Another reason why it may seem that there are no timestamps, is that there are no events (no value changes) and the master is sending frequent Class 0123 polls. The response to a Class0 poll contains the static data (current values) of the configured DNP points in the gateway and does not include timestamps.

- check the variation settings for the event object groups in the process gateway configuration
- check that events (value changes) are actually available
- verify that the master is sending frequent Class123 polls and infrequent Class 0123 polls
- verify that the master is not sending read requests for static object groups or for event object groups with a specific variation that does not include the timestamp

Best regards,