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12th February 2016, 05:39

With two servers (HP Server used for data acquisition) and zenon running in Software Redundancy mode with three Runtime clients only, I want to configure Modbus process gateway for data transmission to DCS over Modbus over TCP/IP protocal on redundant link.
How will Zenon gateway act over redundant link? Will Zenon gateway act parallel in for DCS making data available over both links simultaneously or on failure of main Server, the same shall switchover.
My requirement is of switchover in case of failure of either Servers. Can I configure the gateway to meet the requirement?

16th February 2016, 11:14
You may start zenon Process Gateway on many computers in zenon Network, e.g. on network Server 1 (process Server) and Server 2 (standby). The process data is the same on all computers in zenon Network - so each Gateway will deliver the same mirror to DCS. Configure the Gateways to use different IP and/or Slave ID (demanding what DCS is expecting for redundancy).

And when DCS writes to a zenon PG - it transfer it to zenon Runtime as event. So it will be enough if one Gateway will receive a write request. When both zenPG receive the same request - will be still OK - both will transfer the same event to RT. Already the first event will update the process.