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31st August 2015, 18:21
Hello support,

I have process gateway installed in one computer which has tow windows users " administrator" user and "operator" user, the operator user dos not have administrator rules, and the problem that process gateway can not be run under operator user?

One more question : the computer is synchronizing the date and time using GPS clock over Ethernet and when we run zenon runtime or process gateway, the computer cant synch the date and time? is there any relation between the zenon software and the time synchronization ?

Thank you in advance

1st September 2015, 07:23
Hello yara,

In normal circumstances, the zenon Process Gateway can be started by any user as long the runtime is running. How are you starting it? For instance, you can start it from the zenon Startup Tool > Tools or directly from the zenon runtime using the start program zenon functions, that can also be linked to an AUTO_START script executed when the runtime starts.

It can happen that the zenon runtime is using the automatic time synchronization and "blocking" the time synchronization performed by the operating system. I refer you to the documentation topic Manual > Network > Requirements > Time synchronization in the network. If I am correct, when setting TIMESYNCH = 0 will allow the PC to synchronize again by the GPS clock.

I wish you good luck.

Best regards,

6th September 2015, 10:06
Thanks for your answer,

I would like to add that this is happening with windows 7 operating system only?!

7th September 2015, 18:40
Dear Support,

Kindly please check the diagnostic been done by our engineers :

After diagnosing the issue, I tried to run the Process Gateway in a different path than the main CopaData file, so it would work alone without the other system files, after running it for the first time, I received the below error:

The program canít start because LogCliLibU.dll is missing from your computer.
After a little search about the LogCliLibU.dll file, itís a Client library for diagnosis service, It's a Dynamic-link Library and the library can be loaded and executed in any running process and this system file only works on Windows XP.
I found the file and put it in the same file were the process gateway was, after running it again I received another error that says:

The program canít start because shw32.dll is missing from your computer.

After a little search about shw32.dll, itís DLL "dynamic link library" is small programs, similar to EXE "executable" files, which allow multiple software programs to share the same functionality (eg. printing).

Zenon 6.51 is installed in windows 7, kindly please check how we can fix this issue, it is from Saudi ARAMCO project were we have 12 substations and this is very urgent and important.

Thank you in advance

8th September 2015, 07:47
Hi yara,

The zenon 6.51 version is supported in Windows 7, so the OS shouldn't be causing the problem.

How do you start the process gateway? Please check again what I wrote before.

I don't recommend you to change the path of the executable files as it can lead to unexpected behaviors.

Instead, I would ask you to contact your local COPA-DATA Support team and describe the problem in detail and what steps you have done so far.

Wish you the best luck,