View Full Version : Set Value Dialogbox not showing on WebClient

26th April 2015, 22:34

On one of our customers client PCs is not possible to open the Set Value Dialogbox to change the value of a variable. On mouse over I get shown that I should be able to select the element but the dialogbox doesn't pop up.
If I change the Numerical Value Element to "Set without Dialog" or "via Element" setting values is possible.

Everything works normal on the server and the other client PCs (of which one is a identical PC with the same configuration)

I tried to delete the ZenWebClient files, re installed the ZenOn WebClient software, IE compatibility mode and copied the zenon6.ini of a working PC but there is still the same issue.

Maybe someone experienced the same issue?

ZenOn 6.21 SP0 Runtime + WebServer

Client PC:
Windows 7 SP1
Internet Explorer 9
ZenOn WebClient 6.51

27th April 2015, 07:11
Are you scrolling the screen before? Maybe it pops up out of the current sight.

27th April 2015, 08:15
you have to put the WebServer site to the "trusted sites" (or alternatively deactivate the secure mode) in the internet explorer.
it is a kind of pop-up blocker within the internet explorer which prevents such dialogs in zenon to be open.


27th April 2015, 15:52
Put the server IP into the "trusted sites" and it works.

Thank you very much!