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7th August 2014, 14:07
i have installed Web server and runtime both 7.11 on cloud machine.
I am trying to access runtime on my local PC where i installed webclient.
When i try to open the runtime in webclient it gives the as in attached file.
Please tell me what can be the problem.
Also attaching global_vars & host files.
I am using IE 9 explorer.

7th August 2014, 19:47
Hello jahidbagwan,

This is a general error and without more information, it is difficult to say what could be wrong. I did notice you have activated HTTP Tunneling in the global_vars.js file. Was this intentional?

These messages are also logged in great detail from the zenon diagnosis server. Check here for HTTP Error messages & their meanings:
Manual -> zenon Webserver and zenon WebServer Pro -> Troubleshooting -> HTTP error messages

Also, have a look at this post for a list of things you could check.