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18th June 2014, 13:22
Dear All,

I am trying to use the "Modbus" Process Gateway in Zenon 7.11 for data communication.

There is no data transferring through gateway. How can we know the Process gateway is transferring data or not?
Please note the following,
1. I exported the required variable to the "Exported into modbus" (Ref: Snap-2.jpg).
2. After that I clicked OK, then the process gate way dialogue is appearing and It is showing Question mark (???) in the statistics (Ref: Snap-1.jpg). That means, whether gateway is started or not..?
3. It is also showing in the config file (zenProcgateway.ini) like COUNT=4 and modbus addresses.

Please explain me, Is it any possibilities to know whether the gateway is started or not..?

19th June 2014, 07:47
Hi navaneet,

The configuration seems to be OK. The statistics may show "???" when no Modbus master has connected yet.

Have you checked if port 502, or the zenprocgateway.exe process is configured as an exception in your Windows Firewall?

What errors do you get when trying to read holding register "10" from Modbus Slave ID 1, using a Modbus master?

Best regards,