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7th April 2014, 07:38
Hello support team.

We use 7.10 SP0 Build 10378

1. During install of WebClient sometimes pending VSTA is asked even if Editor and Runtime are already installed.
If we have Internet connection this VSTA package is downloaded and installed from copadata website automatically.
But sometimes we have not Internet during install. Where can we download this package to install it manually before WebClient installation.

2. In DVD\setup\wwwroot\controlversions\version710SP0 folder we found two webclient installation packages - webclient and webclient_small. From index.html start page we can only acces to 50Mb webclient_small package. What is the difference between packages?

7th April 2014, 14:01

the difference between the two setups is that in the big setup the necessary prerequesites are included (like VSTA, VCRedist, etc.)

So regarding your 1st question you could use the big setup when having no internet access.

For making the big setup accessible via your index page you would need to manually alter the html page in the IIS folder of the Webserver (using a text editor for example):

<div class="startdown">
<h3>Installing the zenon web client</h3><img src="ressources/download.png" width="71" height="80" alt="Download the zenon web client control setup (7.10 SP0)." onclick="window.location.href='controlversions/version710SP0/WebClient_small.exe'" /></div>