View Full Version : New zenon Analyzer 2.10 released!

12th November 2013, 09:42
After one year of developing amazing new features the zenon Analyzer 2.10 was released recently. It is fully compatible with the zenon Analyzer 2.00, so you can use it without any restrictions.
Updating a zenon Analyzer from version 2.00 to 2.10 is very easy as we integrated an automatic update-procedure which is doing all the work for you.

We invested a lot of time to improve the usability, develop new report templates and add new features to the ZAMS and other components of the Analyzer. Of course we do support Windows 2012, Windows 8(.1) and the new Internet Explorer 11.
The zenon Analyzer now supports energy management according to ISO 50001 and can be used as Energy Data Management System.

Some hot features are:
- New theme "Extended Historian Analysis" for performing aggregated and historian analysis and associate them with prices, production counteres, equipment modelling, ...
- New theme "Production Analysis Machine based" for analysis of loss times and productivity (including waterfall charts), based on standards such as DIN 8782, DIN 8743, Weihenstephaner Standard and best practices of some manufacturing companies
- New theme "Custom Formula Analysis" for Archive based Reports with user-defined formulas
- New theme "ISO 50001" for reports providing analysis according to the ISO 50001 reporting
- New theme "Hydroelectric Power Plant Analysis" for analysis of key performance indicators for Hydroelectric Power Plants
- Archive emulation for calculating and writing archives containing time counters, event counters or aggregated values within the zenon Analyzer. The data sources are coming from zenon AML, CEL or archives
- Metadata and Manual Data Editors
- Managing your own color schemes
- Database backups and restores

... and many other features.

If you are interested, just contact your local sales representative.