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18th September 2013, 12:46
Hi shahrzad

I having zenon runtime server and webserver in one machine and client in the other machine. I had configured global_vars.js file in webserver and host file in client machine. But I could not open zenon project in client machine instead am getting an error messege shown in attachment.

Should I configure the host file in machine where I installed both runtime server and zenon webserver?

18th September 2013, 23:18
Hi sidramsatyal,

I've moved your post to a new thread. What version of the webclient have you installed?

An issue exists in the webclient setup version 7.10 5560 where on some systems the zenAdminSrv is not correctly installed.

A download link for a new webclient setup that addresses this issue can be obtained from your local COPA-DATA support.

Best regards,

18th September 2013, 23:23
Hi sidramsatyal,

Also, please try entering the PC name of the runtime server and web server, instead of the IP address.

You need to modify the hosts file on both PCs if there is no name resolution in the network through e.g. a DNS server.

Best regards,