View Full Version : Problem with Web Server on zenOn 7.10

20th August 2013, 12:16
I managed to install all the necessary software and configurations based on the manual.
Unfortunately i'm not able to run zenOn runtime from web client.

attached here are the screenshot from my computer.

in Services, Zenon Web is started but port 1102 is not shown in the list from command prompt.

21st August 2013, 02:33
Hello Misbah,

Unfortunately there were no screenshots attached to the post, so it is not quite clear from your description what the issue actually is.

Did you accidentally activate the checkbox "http tunneling"?

If yes, the zenwebsrv no longer uses port 1102 and operates in a different mode that may sometimes be required when firewalls are used that do deep packet inspection.

If you don't need the http tunneling, it is recommended to turn off this feature.

Best regards,

23rd August 2013, 05:02
Hello Mark,

I had the same problem.I have followed all the instructions you provide.
But when i start the client the error will popup.:confused:
The webserver is already started.
Runtime server is started as well.

Please refer attached file if you are not clear.

23rd August 2013, 05:19
Hi Firdaus,

Thanks for your post. Judging from your first screenshot I believe this is a different issue than what misbah reported.

Did you check your webserver to see how many webclients are connected?

How many clients are licensed in your webserver license, and how many are already running?

Did you by any chance start the webclient a second time on the same PC? If yes, this message may also appear.

One issue however has been addressed in the webserver which may apply to you.

Please see Article ID 126563 in the knowledge base on the service site (you can search the knowledge base for this article ID)

Best regards,

26th August 2013, 05:42
Hi Mark,

I found the problem from my PC and I have installed to another PC and it's running like a charm.:D

I think the problem is about the connection refuse from the webclient to webserver.
Because i see an error from event "connection broke down".Maybe you have experienced facing this problem.

Thanks for your support.