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30th January 2013, 10:43
Good Morning, i have tested the Zenon Process Data Gateway with success for a 870-104 communication. The problem that i am having is in initializing this process, so that its starts automatically with system startup. If i put it in the startup folder, a window like the attached one appears. żIs there a correct way to initialize this zenProcGateway so that it starts after runtime automatically?

Thanks in advance.


30th January 2013, 10:47
Hi Knubla,

One thing that you could do is, to engineer a zenon function "start program" that executes the zenon process gateway, and insert this function into the predefined script "AUTOSTART". All the zenon functions in the script with this name are executed automatically every time the runtime is started.

See the help on the script names for more information, when you are using a multi-hierarchical project structure or use a a network project, and need to start the process gateway e.g. on the standby server as well.

Best regards,