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11th September 2012, 08:07

I have the following problem:
Zenon Web client 6.51 was installed on PC, where I do not have administrator rights.

System administrator did the installation. The problem is that Web client only works if there is a Windows administrator logged in to the Windows 7 of that PC. The PC is in a domain. Normal user does not have administrator rights and there fore can not use the Web client aplication.

Can you please specify which reasorces and directories are needed by the Web client 6.51, so that they will be able to properly set the normal user rights in windows.

Thanks in advance and Best regards!


11th September 2012, 23:42
Hi Jurij,

What exactly does not work with a normal user on this system? Generally the webclient also works with a standard windows user. Does the splash screen appear?

By default the webclient stores the runtime files temporarily in the directory %temp%\zenWebCli, however this directory is user specific. You can change this directory, and then perhaps the normal user cannot access the files that were created by the webclient started by the administrator?

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22nd November 2012, 09:47
Hello Mark,

Sorry for late response.

I have a problem on 2 PC computers. If there is a local administrator logged on then the Zenon Web client works OK. If a normal user is logged on then I get the following message:


Any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks and bestregards!


23rd November 2012, 13:24

you have to copy the Webclientfiles (init.htm, config folder,....) into the folder LocalData.
If these files are on desktop or so, they will be blocked by windows7 (group policy).
In my case this folder is in User\...\AppData\Local\LocalData.


15th January 2013, 03:21
Thanks tobi for your reply, I was thinking something along the same line. By default the webclient stores the tempory runtime files in the %temp%zenwebcli directory. By modifying the zenon6.ini, you can also point the webclient to store the runtime files in a specific directory, where a normal domain user may have access.

In general, the webclient does not require administrator rights. The installation of the webclient however, always requires administrator rights.

Jurij, I hope you were able to resolve this issue?

best regards,