View Full Version : Zenon Process Gateway performance issues

31st January 2012, 11:57
Hi Support,

I am dealing with a Zenon Energy Edition Project having 1000 61850 Variables. The Runtime is running fine but, on exporting them via DNP3.0 using Zenon Process Gateway, the Gateway hangs up after few seconds and I have to end its Process.

Any idea why it is happening? :confused:
The physical resources like memory and processor speed etc are more than enough to accommodate a Project of this size. The Operating System is Windows Server 2008 and Zenon Energy Edition is 6.22 SP1

1st February 2012, 00:09

As this seems to be reproducible in a test environment, it is probably best to send an inquiry to your local COPA-DATA supporrt, with all relevant information, and a project backup.

You may want to activate full logging for the zenrt32.exe process and the zenprocgateway.exe process in the diagnosis viewer, and include the logfiles from the diagnosis server of the time period where this issue was reproduced, with your support inquiry. It could also help, if you include a wireshark network sniff from the same period.

Does this happen also when there is no DNP3 master attempting to connect to the process gateway? (e.g. with the network cable / serial cable unplugged and the 850 driver set to "simulation static")


7th February 2012, 13:54
I will definitely follow up with the local Copa Data Support if this issue prolongs further.

For the time being, I haven't tested it with 850 driver set to 'simulation static', but I will do that once I am in that location again.

And yes, It is happening even if there is no DNP3.0 Master attempting to collect the data from Process Gateway.

Thanks Mark.