View Full Version : move free difinable screens project from copa-data blog

22nd December 2011, 08:44
I tryed to run example project from last blog entry and noticed that when i move form partially out of main window and then move it back into center of main screen some artefacts of redrawing appears on moving window (see attachment).
This remainds me some artifacts I see when using World View component.

Is there some ability to redraw window manualy or by timer to fix this issue?

9th January 2012, 05:57

Which exact zenon / sprecon-v460 version, servicepack and most importantly, build, are you using?

These API methods are not yet available in the official 6.51 release (SP0, build 0) and were implemented in a later build.

Have you tried a different PC?

Issues as seen in the screenshots can be caused by the graphics card (hw accellaration, older graphics card driver, no dedicated graphics card, graphics card with little graphhics memory, ...)

I have tried the demo project here with zenon 6.51 SP0 build 7, and 6.51 SP0 build 9, on two different systems, (as well as with the latest zenon 7 beta version) but have not seen any drawing issues when moving it outside of the screen and back into the screen again.